My mission :

  • Promote wellness, sexual health and the respect for human rights;
  • Support the diverse sexual communities
  • Treat sexual addictions;
  • Help individuals and couples manage atypical sexual interests;
  • Prevent recurrence of violence or sexual offending;
  • Support victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Sex therapy can help you with:

  • Sexual difficulties related to desire, erection, orgasm or pain
  • Couple and interpersonal problems
  • Sexual addictions (to pornography, sex industry, etc.)
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Problematic sexual interests
  • Sexual orientation
  • Transsexuality and Gender Identity
  • HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Discrimination related to sexuality (LGBTQ, sex workers, swingers, Kinks, etc.)
  • Services & Fee

    This section presents information on our services, our fees and our therapeutic approaches.

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  • Sex addictions

    Sex addiction, hypersexuality or compulsive sex are different terms used to talk about the same issue. For us, sexual addiction refers to the inability to stop or decrease a behaviour despite negative consequences and despite the desire to alter the behaviour.

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  • Vive la difference!

    For us, sexual diversity and variations in sexual practices are part of life. Are you part of a discriminated group?

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