Pascale Robitaille

Clinical sexologist M.A. 

I like working with discriminated sex communities even if the problem is not directly a sexual one.

Passionate about human rights, I have long campaigned for the rights of diverse sex communities, including those of gays, lesbians and bisexuals, transgender people, people living with HIV, sex workers and their clients… In 2006, I traveled across Canada providing lectures and trainings about the sex industry.

As a sexologist, I’m also interested in the management of compulsive sexuality, atypical sexuality (paraphilias) and in the treatment of violence and its consequences.

I like to work in humour and respect to ensure that clients are able to achieve their own goals in their love and sex lives. I hope to be of help to you.

Past involvements

Published study

Bruckert, C., Parent, C. et Robitaille, P. 2003. Erotic Service / Erotic Dance establishments: Two Types of Marginalized Labour, Law Commission of Canada, University of Ottawa and Status of Women Canada, 94p. Available online.


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